6 Signs it's Time for House Pressure Washing in Palm Harbor

February 23, 2022

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Regular house pressure washing in Palm Harbor is a necessary investment for any property. The city’s proximity to the water often results in layers of sand, silt, and grime covering area homes. Additionally, Florida’s stormy season can deposit lots of dirt and mud onto residential houses.

Power washing not only removes unsightly dirt, but it also washes away pollen, dust, mold, and other irritants. Also, removing storm debris and mold protects against roof damage! With this in mind, check out 6 signs it’s time for house pressure washing on your property.

1. Bothersome Odors? It’s Time for Palm Harbor Pressure Washing

Never assume that musty or smoky smells or other such bothersome odors are just part of the great outdoors! Musty smells indicate mold growth along the home’s walls or roof. Also, residual barbecue or cigarette smoke can cling to exterior surfaces for weeks.

pressure washing siding palm harbor

Additionally, those bothersome smells might also be flower petals, seeds, oils, and other residues sticking to your home’s exterior. Professional power washing removes all these residues and their accompanying odors, so you can breathe easily when outdoors.

2. Regular Pressure Washing Can Often Help With Allergies

If you notice your allergies acting up every time you head outside, give power washing a try! As said, pollen, dust, and other irritants often cling to exterior walls, roofs, and other surfaces. Pressure washing removes these as well as smoke and ash residues, airborne pool chlorine, and the like. Also, since power washing can reduce unpleasant smells outdoors, this can also reduce irritated breathing.

3. Exterior Water Stains Indicate Needed Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Water stains along exterior walls often indicate needed roof and gutter cleaning. One reason to schedule pressure washing is that clogged gutters let water wash over their sides, resulting in stains. Two, those clogs might indicate storm debris on the roof, and this can risk premature damage.

Never overlook the need for roof washing and gutter cleaning especially. Water washing over gutter sides can then pool around a structure’s foundation. In turn, you might soon face needed foundation repair!

Water washing down exterior walls can also soften brick and risk corrosion on metal siding. All this can mean costly damage. With this in mind, schedule pressure washing when you notice water stains along outside walls.

4. Don’t Overlook Storm Debris on the Roof!

If you notice lots of storm debris or droppings from trees on your home’s roof, schedule house pressure washing! Not only can that debris end up in gutters, it damages shingles, flashing, and other roof materials. Additionally, damp debris might encourage mold and algae growth, also risking costly damage to your property.

exterior house pressure washing of the roof in palm harbor fl

5. Does the House Look Dingy and Dirty? Clean It With Power Washing!

Sometimes homeowners overlook a dingy, dirty house, simply because they get accustomed to its appearance. You might also ignore dirt simply because it builds up slowly over the years.

With this in mind, you might take a minute to give your house a good “once over.” Stand across the street or at the edge of your yard and note if it looks shabby and dirty. Next, get up close to the walls and windows, to check for dirt and grime. Run your hand over the walls to see how much dirt comes off, and if it’s time for power washing.

6. Can You Remember the Last Time You Scheduled Power Washing?

If you can’t remember when you last scheduled power washing, it’s time to make that call! The longer you put off professional house washing, the more dirt covering your home. Even if you don’t necessarily notice that grime, it’s best to remove it regularly.

How Often Should You Schedule House Pressure Washing?

Now that you know more about house pressure washing, you might wonder how often you should repeat this service. First, consider if you need annual power washing to remove mold, pollen, dust, and other irritants. Also, if you cook outdoors often, annual pressure washing helps wash away smoke and soot.

Additionally, homes closer to the water need annual or even semi-annual power washing! Airborne sand and silt as well as soot from vehicle and boat motors often cover those homes. Scheduling power washing every year ensures your property is clean and pristine and looking its best!

ProClean Pressure Washing Palm Harbor is happy to bring this information about house pressure washing in Palm Harbor to you. Hopefully you found it helpful! If you’re in the market for expert soft wash cleaning, call our reliable Palm Harbor pressure washing contractors. One reason to trust us with your needed pressure washing is that we guarantee results! Two, we start every project with a FREE quote. So, why not pick up the phone and contact us today?

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