How Often to Get Your Roof Cleaned in Palm Harbor (Roof Cleaning Guide)

June 16, 2022

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Regular roof cleaning in Palm Harbor is an excellent investment for any homeowner or commercial property owner. The state’s turbulent weather often leaves damaging debris including sand, silt, and other residues onto area roofs. Additionally, the many airports and marinas near the city also mean thick layers of soot, air pollution residues, dust, and more.

In addition to removing all this unsightly and damaging debris, roof cleaning keeps gutters clear and clog-free. Consequently, you protect a structure’s roof and exterior walls with regular roof cleaning! However, you might wonder how often to schedule this service for your property. Check out a few tips to discuss with a power washing professional near you.

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How Often Should You Schedule Roof Cleaning in Palm Harbor?

First, note that most property owners might schedule professional roof cleaning in Palm Harbor every 3 to 5 years. Second, consider some reasons why you might increase this schedule for your property! The state’s stormy weather often means lots of debris landing on area roofs, as said. Consequently, many property owners in the state find that their structure needs annual or semi-annual roof cleaning.

Also, consider your property’s proximity to a marina, airport, busy roadway, or production facility. These structures tend to create lots of soot and other air pollution, which then lands on nearby roofs. Additionally, an outdoor kitchen or even smokers relaxing on the patio can mean smoke and ash on your home’s roof. In turn, you might need annual or semi-annual cleaning to keep that roof clean and pristine!

Above all, ensure you’re scheduling roof cleaning in Palm Harbor often enough for healthy outdoor air quality. Roof cleaning removes pollen, dust, airborne chemicals, smoke residues, mold, and other debris, as said. If anyone in the family already suffers with asthma, allergies, or similar concerns, annual roof washing can mean easier breathing!

Lastly, consider Palm Harbor power washing and other exterior pressure washing for special occasions! For example, never put your home on the market without first scheduling power washing. Improved curb appeal can make your entire property look like new. You might also schedule roof cleaning and power washing before a special outdoor party or the holidays, as needed.

Is Professional Roof Cleaning Worth It?

A structure’s roof might be the last thing you ever consider cleaning! Not only is it easy to overlook but many property owners don’t realize the many roof cleaning benefits. Consider some reasons why regular roof washing is an excellent investment for any structure:

  • Storm debris holds moisture against roof shingles. In turn, those shingles might crumble and otherwise break away from the roof, risking premature damage. Roof cleaning removes that damaging debris.
  • Mold, moss, and algae also loosen and damage shingles, tile, and flashing. Power washing removes these materials, protecting a roof from damage.
  • Regular roof cleaning and power washing enhances curb appeal instantly! Washing can also expose areas needing immediate repair.
  • Roof debris often ends up in gutters, clogging them and risking water pooling over their sides. That water usually collects around a structure’s foundation, leading to costly damage. Water running down exterior walls also softens brick and leaves behind unsightly stains.

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Can You Wash a Roof Yourself?

Property owners might use a garden hose with a sprayer, while staying safely on the ground, to remove some visible debris. Also, diluted bleach sprayed on the roof can kill mold, moss, and other growth. Spraying out the gutters at the same time can help reduce clogs.

However, property owners should avoid DIY power washing or any pressurized cleaning. First, it’s vital that you stay safely on the ground. Second, using too much pressure strips shingle granules and risks cracking clay tiles. Also, a property owner might overlook exposed roofing materials, allowing water to seep into a structure’s interior.

Additionally, using the wrong cleaning materials or not rinsing them can mean leaving behind a sticky residue! That residue can attract more dirt than before. DIY power washing can also create messy splattering and splashing. You might even end up with more mess than when you started!

To avoid these risks, rely on the services of a professional power washing contractor. A professional ensures safe, thorough cleaning without damage. Above all, investing in professional services keeps you safely on the ground!

ProClean Pressure Washing Palm Harbor is happy to bring this information about roof cleaning in Palm Harbor to our readers. Hopefully you found this post informative and useful! If it’s time for cleaning on your property, call our expert Palm Harbor pressure washing contractors. What makes us the best in the business? One reason to call us is that we offer FREE quotes for every project. Two, we guarantee customer satisfaction! For more information or to get your property started, give us a call today.


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