Your Complete Guide: How to Soft Wash a House

March 4, 2023

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Homeowners often wonder how to soft wash a house and if this cleaning is safe for their property. In truth, soft wash offers a safe, thorough clean when performed correctly! Consequently, it’s vital for property owners to use the right tools and techniques when power washing their house.

With that in mind, check out this quick and complete guide for how to soft wash a house. However, you might still call a professional if you think this work is outside your area of expertise. He or she can offer an effective, damage-free clean for your home from top to bottom!

soft washing a house

How to Soft Wash a House Step by Step

There are two main differences between soft wash cleaning and standard power washing. First, soft wash systems use specialty chemicals for dissolving thick dirt and grime. Second, a soft wash means low-pressure rinsing, relying on the chemicals for a thorough cleaning rather than high-powered washing.

To get started with any pressure washing, you’ll want to protect plants, landscaping features, and other outdoor details. Move patio furniture out of the area where you’ll be working and cover delicate greens with plastic tarps. Above all, keep children and pets out of the way of the pressure washing equipment!

Start with a rinse and cleanser application

Before soft washing, start with a thorough rinse of the areas you’ll be cleaning. Use a standard garden hose without very low pressure and work from the ground up. Moving the hose upward loosens dirt and grime, making soft washing easier.

Next, you’ll want to apply your soft wash cleaner. You can buy these mixtures at most hardware or home improvement stores. On the other hand, you can mix up an effective cleanser using materials you probably already have around the house!

To create an effective cleaner, mix one-half cup bleach and a quarter cup dish detergent to a gallon of water. Next, spray this solution onto the home and let it sit for at least 15 minutes, or even a full hour. This lets the solution dissolve thick dirt, grime, mold, and more, making rinsing easier.

Use low-pressure rinsing

After letting your cleanser sit, it’s time for rinsing. Use a garden hose with a sprayer nozzle and stand several feet away from the home. Again, start from the lower part of the house and work your way up. Once you’ve reached the home’s peak, start rinsing downward.

If this process doesn’t provide sufficient cleaning, add another layer of cleanser and let it sit again. Don’t assume that more pressure is the proper way to address tough stains! Too much pressure can dent siding, chip brick, shred screens, and even shatter glass.

Also, invest in specialty cleaners for certain stains. Home improvement stores usually sell various chemicals for addressing rust, oily residues, and grass stains. Using detergents meant for those spots can mean a quick, effective clean.

Can You Soft Wash a House Yourself?

While a property owner might tackle soft wash cleaning themselves, this job isn’t as easy as it looks! One reason for this is that it often takes far more time than you might realize. Two, getting into various nooks and corners can be cumbersome and difficult.

Also, note that professionals typically use extension handles for sprayer wands, for a quick and easy clean. Additionally, they know how to manage ladders safely, allowing them to reach roofs, gutters, and other surfaces. Above all, trained pros can ensure safe cleaning, without using harsh chemicals or too much pressure.

soft washing a walkway

What Does It Mean to Soft Wash a House?

Soft wash doesn’t mean cleaning a home without pressurized water. Instead, soft wash systems use very low pressure, just enough to wash away dirt and cleansers. Professional soft wash equipment usually works with just slightly more pressure than your home’s garden hose!

In turn, soft wash cleaning is a great choice for just about every exterior surface and building material. This includes roofing shingles and tiles, wood decks and fences, patio pavers, concrete, and more. Professional soft wash cleaning also offers a number of benefits for you and your property:

  • Soft wash cleaning kills mold, algae, moss, and mildew, reducing the risk of damage caused by these organisms.
  • Regular exterior cleaning reduces dust, pollen, and other irritants around your property. You can then breathe more easily when enjoying your outdoor spaces!
  • Washing away chemicals and pollution residues protects building materials from premature damage.
  • Never overlook the value of stunning curb appeal for your home! Power washing means a welcoming space you’ll love.
  • A thorough soft wash cleaning is an excellent choice before painting or staining outdoor materials. Not only does this prep the surface properly but you can then choose the best color for the surface as well!
  • Along with cleaning away mold and other irritants, professional soft wash pressure washing removes their resultant odors.

How Often Should You Soft Wash Pressure Wash a House?

Soft wash power washing is a great annual investment for virtually every property. Power washing removes damaging debris, as said, and ensures a clean appearance. However, some properties might benefit from more frequent cleaning. Some homes might even need monthly power washing!

For instance, sand and silt often cover homes in tropical areas. In turn, they might benefit from several cleaning sessions throughout the year. If you cook outside often, power washing can remove smoke and ash residues. Above all, schedule soft wash cleaning as often as needed for a healthy and clean outdoor space.

ProClean Pressure Washing Palm Harbor is happy to help explain how to soft wash a house. Hopefully, this information cleared up some questions for you! If so, check out our blog for even more useful tips and tricks. Also, call our Palm Harbor power washing contractors when you’re ready for expert services. We start every project with a FREE price estimate and are happy to answer all your questions. Additionally, we guarantee satisfaction on every job! To find out more, just use our callback form and a member of our customer care team will get back to you quickly.

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