ProClean EcoWash (Patent Pending)

environmentally friendly pressure washing solution

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0% Chlorine!

100% Eco-Friendly

Safe for your entire home, pets, and your plant life... Non-toxic cleaning is finally here!

Bye Bye Organic Matter!

Outlasts chlorine products by months! Designed to protect and your exterior surfaces.

Get on Our Maintenance Plan

Clients on our maintenance plan will never have to pay for regular power washing again!

Ideal For The Planet

We use less water and less cleaning solution on every job. No more wasted products.

Do You Qualify For EcoWash?

EcoWash kills mold over time, but it's best applied as a preventative!

The cleanliness of your roof

We may need to apply a one-time chlorine based cleaning to ensure immediate efficacy, depending on your roof's condition. Think of a soft wash as the pre-treatment for overgrowth of organic matter. It is sometimes necessary, however, our goal is to avoid dangerous chemicals after this is completed.

So, if you roof is beginning to  show signs of organic build-up, now is the best time to get on our EcoWash maintenance plan. If growth is substantial, don't panic. We'll make sure this is the last time you use bleach,!

Whatever you need, we'll include an estimate for both EcoWash and Traditional SoftWash! Call today!
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How the EcoWash System Works

Our cleaning formula is disrupting the industry. 
Step 1.


EcoWash solution is applied and absorbed by the mold immediately upon application.
Step 2.


Unlike traditional pressure washing, EcoWash uses biostatic technology. It takes some time, but the mold will be destroyed.
Step 3.


A quick and affordable re-application every year protects your home. Never pay for traditional pressure washing again!

Exterior cleaning in Palm Harbor has been redefined

Biostatic cleaning that's patent-pending affects the reproduction of mold without the need for harmful chemicals.

ProClean EcoWash is for YOU!

Everything requires maintenance. Cars, lawns, health, and on and on... You wouldn't ignore the check engine light or neglect your body, so why wait until your home is covered in mold and then turn to harmful chemicals it?

Thankfully, now you don't have to. ProClean's EcoWash  is the first bleach alternative for pressure washing of its kind to deliver cleaning without the danger. It eliminates mold, mildew, algae with it's time-release action and also acts as a preventative safe for any exterior surface.
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The safe pressure washing solution:
Exterior surfaces hit by runoff
Plant life and landscaping
Family and pet safe! 
Completely SAFE for everything!


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"The pressure washers at ProClean truly made my home shine. My house's vinyl siding was grimy and was beginning to turn green. Nate and his team were friendly, professional, & a pleasure to work with throughout the process. Thanks again!"
Sandra D.
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We Have Answers to EcoWash Questions!

How long will it take to see the results?

Unlike traditional power washing or soft wash using chlorine, ProClean EcoWash doesn't eliminate mold immediately. The biostatic formula stops the multiplication of an organism. The length of time it takes will depend on the condition of your roof. Request a quote today!

How does the formula work?

After thinking the EcoWash formula is sugar, the organic matter consumes it and slowly dies off. Over time, the algae, mold, and moss are unable to reproduce, dies off naturally, and won't grow on that surface for up to a year!

What are the biggest benefits?

The benefits include it being safer, longer lasting, money-saving, reliable, efficient, and so much more! Depending on your property, you could save thousands on expensive roof repairs and replacements, too!

Try ProClean EcoWash Now. Nothing Compares!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed | Safe & Environmentally Friendly | Call (727) 361-9331 
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