FAQs About Pressure Washing in Palm Harbor

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers.

ProClean Pressure Washing Palm Harbor is a reputable company that serves residential and commercial customers. Keeping home and business exteriors clean and pristine is what we do best! You may have questions about the power washing process, so we've created this informative FAQ section just for you.

What is soft wash cleaning?

Soft wash cleaning is a method that uses low-pressure water to clean surfaces that might be weak or fragile. A heavy-duty cleaning solution is applied first so it can penetrate stains and dirt. Then, it's gently rinsed away with hot water.

Is soft wash cleaning safe?

Yes! In fact, it's the safest way to clean any outdoor surface. If you have doubts about the integrity of your siding or roof, for example, opting for the soft wash technique is wise. Unlike traditional pressure washing, only low-pressure water is used on the surfaces.

What types of surfaces can be soft washed?

Any surfaces can be soft washed. However, the technique is typically reserved for aluminum siding, roofing shingles, and cracked or chipping concrete to prevent further damage. 

What’s the difference between pressure washing and soft washing?

Traditional pressure washing is the process of using detergents and highly pressurized water to clean outdoor surfaces. It's great on driveways, metal roofs, and pavers. Soft washing is basically the same concept as pressure washing but uses a lower-pressure water stream. It's an excellent option for compromised surfaces that are susceptible to damage.

How much is it to soft wash a house?

It depends on the size of the home, but typically customers can expect the average cost of soft washing to be between $450 and $850 for a two-story home. The best way to know for sure is by having a free consultation and quote.

Why do gutters need to be cleaned?

Gutters are an extension of the roofing system and need to be kept clear in order to perform their intended purpose, which is keeping water from pooling on the roof. When gutters are filled with debris, it causes clogging, and rainwater cannot flow out. That can lead to structure damage and roof leaks.

Why should you power wash your house?

The #1 reason most people pressure wash their homes is to keep them looking clean and to improve curb appeal. However, house pressure washing benefits go beyond the cosmetic aspect as it protects your investment from premature deterioration.

Why should you clean your roof?

The roof is probably the most neglected outer portion of any residential and commercial building. It remains unseen for the most part...or does it? Rooftop cleaning often enhances the beauty of a building by leaps and bounds. It also is an integral part of roof maintenance and should not be avoided.

How do you clean your driveway?

Driveways are always taking a beating. After all, your vehicle is constantly running over it. From automotive fluid leaks to tire scuffing, there are sure to be lots of stains covering your concrete. The best way to remove the buildup from the driveway's surface is professional pressure washing.

How do you clean a sidewalk?

Sidewalks are excellent candidates for pressure or soft washing. The integrity of the sidewalk determines which technique is used. Things like mold, algae, pet and bird droppings, and silt can all be effectively buffed away during power washing services.

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